World’s first supercharged E92 BMW M3 versus a tuned F80 BMW M3 drag race at Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack 7.

The E90 M3 has ESS Tuning VT2-625, fully catless Akrapovic Exhaust and a 91/100 octane blend. The F80 M3 comes with catless downpipes, new Akrapovic Exhaust, JB4 Tune, and a 91/100 octane blend.

The ESS VT2-625 supercharger gives the E92 M3 170 extra horses and 336 lb-ft (455 Nm). The JB4 for F80 M3 makes 539whp and 585wtq, so the power output is fairly equal for both.

So which one is faster?