BMW Manufacturing Co and CU-ICARs Department of Automotive Engineering teamed up to create a 2 in 1 product for a niche market. Deep Orange 4 is a sporty car with a unique ability to carry cargo.

The concept is based off the BMW X3 and features a coupe-like roofline and a tailgate with a power retractable glass rear window. Furthermore, for easy access to the cargo, the Deep Orange 4 comes with a split opening tailgate.

BMW urged the student team to create a low-cost manufacturing plan to produce up to 5,000 of the vehicles, and to bring the hypothetical model derivation in at no more than $8,000 above the current X3 sticker price.

The grad students devised a factory plan that would cost BMW only about $10.2 million in assembly line and process alterations to build the concept. They also proposed a low-cost method of altering the existing X3’s roof line and body shape by using 3-D printing of structural materials.

Here is a video of Deep Orange 4: