First BMW i8 deliveries for the U.S. market will take place at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance. Over the last few years, the famed car show is not only hosting the largest event for classic and historic cars in the world, but it has also become an important venue for premium and high-end automakers to unveil their latest creations.

Pebble Beach show fills a void in the major auto shows season which usually ends with New York and Beijing, and continues in September with Paris or Frankfurt.

Also for the past two years BMW has been hosting car presentations and receptions at their Pebble Beach villa where VIP customers and special guests get to enjoy a special treatment. Last year, behind closed doors, BMW gave an advanced i8 presentation and guided tour to potential customers.

Global launch campaign for BMW i8-04

To continue the tradition and what seems to be a successful marketing formula, BMW will deliver the first i8 cars in August during the event. It remains unknown who those lucky customers are and what is the selection criteria, but we look forward to see the amazing i8 hybrid sportscar roaming around the gorgeous Pebble Beach.

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The BMW i8 sells in the U.S. with a base price of $135,700 and first year production is said to be sold out. Rumors say only 300 units will be offered for U.S. customers in the first year.