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BMW i8 made its world debut today at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. After years of teasing the final production model arrives on the auto …

BMW i8 made its world debut today at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. After years of teasing the final production model arrives on the auto show circuit before it goes on sale in 2014. In Frankfurt, BMW showcases all four exterior paint finishes and four interior equipment variants.

The paintwork adorning the side body panels and front and rear ends of the BMW i8 can be specified in a choice of four colors, three of which have been created exclusively for BMW i. All the paint finishes provide a striking contrast to the black belt. And, depending on the color chosen, the accent surfaces on the side skirts, at the rear and on the BMW kidney grille surround come in BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey.

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A signature feature of BMW i cars is the “black belt”. On the BMW i8, it emerges in a “V” shape from the bonnet and extends back over the roof into the rear section of the car, where it frames the center section of the rear apron. At the front end, the black belt is framed by the body-colored apron and side panels, while at the rear it is overlapped by the “floating” roof pillars, which extend over the rear lights. Another element of the standalone BMW i design language is the “stream flow” contour of the side window graphic. On the BMW i8 the stream flow also determines the path traveled by the air between the falling roofline and the character line rising through the rear section of the car’s flanks towards the rear spoiler lip.

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Available as alternatives to the standard Neso trim for the BMW i8 interior are the Carpo and Halo equipment lines. In standard specification, the contrast between black surfaces in the cockpit and light Carum Grey leather surfaces emphasizes the lightness and sustainability of this vehicle concept. The leather surfaces of the door and side trim are complemented by functional textile highlights made from recycled material. The optional Carpo equipment line is available in light or dark versions. The naturally treated leather surfaces feature perforated elements and subtle contrast stitching which underline the superior character of the material and workmanship involved.


Painted surface elements on the instrument panel, door trim and center console add the finishing touches to the cutting-edge ambiance. The likewise optional Halo equipment line brings a pervasive aura of luxury and sustainability to the interior of the BMW i8. Top-quality leather surfaces combine with textile accents and contrast stitching in BMW i Blue. And when it comes to the color scheme, dark Dalbergia Brown and light Carum Grey provide attractive contrasts. The Halo line also brings high-class paintwork to selected instrument panel and door trim surfaces. The accent ring for the leather steering wheel comes in BMW i Blue in the Halo equipment line and in Satin Silver in the other variants.

Download the high-resolution photos from our photo gallery below, and follow our 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show coverage

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  1. Giom says:

    This car looks amazing in these photos. Can just imagine what it must look like in person.

  2. e36m3driver says:

    Lame! Why’d you put the watermark on these? They would of made great wallpapers. Oh well here is another site with the pictures without the stupid watermark.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I’m hoping this wasn’t an attempt at cheap promotion for another site, but we will leeve the link in.

      • e36m3driver says:

        Hi Horatiu. Nope, I have no affiliation with that site. In fact, it was the first google search that came up when searching for “BMW i8 – High Resolution Photos”, which is the articles title.

        What is cheap is you adding your branding to photos you did not take. You should be more concerned with that instead of losing clicks to your site. Or you could link back to the site where you got the photos.

        Rarely do I see credit being given on this site.

        Talk is cheap…

        • Horatiu B. says:

          Rarely? More like we give credit to everyone. Go back and take a look.
          And those photos came from BMW while I was in Frankfurt, not from that site. And since you used a Google shortlink, I figured you’re affiliate it.
          Not concerned with losing clicks, hence why we left the link.

    • m235i says:

      Anyone with basic photoshop skills (or hell, cropping skills) can get rid of it. Learn some skills.

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