The biggest BMW Midwest Meet takes place this weekend in the suburbs of Chicago. Hosted by Mark Kwak and sponsors like VS Motorsports, IND and GTHaus, the event will gather many bimmer fans from around Midwest.

The BMW Meet kicks off on Sunday, July 29th at 11am in Busses Woods Forrest Preserve, Grove 32. Along with a wide range of different BMWs, in attendance we will be seeing some of the few 1Ms that were sold in the Chicagoland area. We will also bring our own “baby-M” with some cool visual upgrades that we’re adding this week.

On Monday, the host also offers a track event at the Blackhawk Farms Raceway, South Beloit, IL. More details here.

See below for further information:

Food, we are working on getting food, it looks like we might be either getting donations or might have to charge something like 10 bucks all you can eat. I will update with more info. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have a 100 percent answer. We are also going to use this money and donate it to a cause (will have that info as well)

Update on Service, we will have icucCoding come out and do some coding, we are not sure what the deal with this is, but if your interesting in getting some coding done please pm me.
I have spoken to many of these vendors and there will be raffle prizes and much more to come!

1. Free Alignment
2. Free Mount and Balance
3. Free Coding
4. Free set of H&R Springs
5. 2 hours of Free Labor
6. Several IND T-Shirts
7. 500 dollars CASH!!!

See all you there and feel free to stop by and grab one of our BMWBLOG stickers.