M-Power gives the M fans an exclusive look at the first and only exclusive BMW M dealership.

The plan was to raise the number of BMW M automobiles sold in Singapore tenfold – and that in only two years.

Both BMW Group Asia and Anthony Chan, Managing Director of Munich Automobiles in Singapore, believed in the potential of BMW M in the world of high performance cars.

As such, work began on the implementation of a concept that was unique in the world – the world’s first dedicated BMW M dealership.

As exclusive as this approach is also the service, which Munich Automobiles has been offering prospective and actual buyers of M automobiles since it first opened its doors in July 2010.

Joel Chang, Executive Director, and Veronica Chua, Sales & Marketing Director, took us on a tour through the company, and we discovered a concept that we found to be not only interesting in Singapore.

As soon as they enter the outer grounds, visitors receive their first insight into the racing genes of M automobiles.

Illuminated strips on the ceiling guide visitors directly to the entrance to the Munich Automobiles showroom.

Part of the showroom with the Nürburgring in the background.

… all eyes move to the “heart” and the evolution of BMW M since its founding days.

The “heart” of every M automobile: the high performance M engine.

On the large video wall in the lounge area, many films present the course of current events. This is one reason that customers often take a look in on Munich Autos, sometimes daily.

“The idea of an M Community is very important to us,” explained Veronica. “It’s great to see that our customers meet here as often as possible – and of course bring along their friends as well.”

Guests can get to know the M automobile genes in the most various ways. Sometimes it’s the core properties …

… or details on the birthplace of each M automobile, the Nürburgring.

While the customers are enjoying an espresso (excellent by the way), their M automobile is given a little additional gloss.

And when the M automobile should have questions about more detailed care, the customers will also find a service executive in the lounge area.

If the M automobile wants to visit the garage at short notice …

… it’s only a window away from its owner …

… who can follow the work in the almost clinically clean garage from the comfort of the lounge.

M drivers …

… and automobiles …

… then experience the best service.

“We try to do all of the work on our premises,” explained Veronica. “Our customers don’t feel comfortable when their M automobile is in foreign hands somewhere else.”

Benjamin Goh, customer of Munich Automobiles, told us: “Munich Auto makes everything possible for us.”

And this has also included a completely different colour for a BMW 1 Series M Coupé …

… or the bonnet of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé MotoGP Safety Cars.

And older BMW gems are restored by professionals.

Prospective buyers are advised primarily by extremely competent M specialists in Singapore.

They also provide support and advice when a buyer is interested in BMW Individual options.

And correspondingly high is also the percentage of M automobiles refined with B Individual equipment – over 30%.

The M specialist remains the first contact – both before and after the sale. A very important criterion for success (not only) in Singapore.

Of course, special status is also given to numerous events for prospective buyers and customers, like here the presentation of the BMW M5 Concept.

… or the presentation of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé, when 16 out of 20 (equivalent to 80%) of this new M automobile were sold before the event was over …

or a joint excursion when we were quite impressed by the participants’ enthusiastic response afterwards. Ben Goh: “With the new M dedicated dealership came better servicing, product knowledge and of course more M events to tantalize our M driving experience.”