2015 Geneva Motor Show: BMW 1 Series LCI Facelift

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The new BMW 1 Series Facelift makes its world debut today at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Our first live photos show the compact 1 …

The new BMW 1 Series Facelift makes its world debut today at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Our first live photos show the compact 1 Series hatchback in Crimson Red color and the Sport Line package. In this configuration, the dynamic aspects of the 2015 BMW 1 Series 2015 are brought to the forefront, highlighting one of BMW’s most radical facelifts in the last decade.

Penned by Calvin Luk, a young designer schooled at the Art Center College of Design in California, the 2015 BMW 1 Series LCI is one of the most successful facelifts in the company’s history.

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Contrary to what we have seen in BMW facelifts before, the Bavarians have decided to go all-in with this refresh. Moving away from small and subtle touches, like we’ve seen on the recently unveiled 6 Series, the 1 Series LCI has received extensive work on the lights and front fascia, where now the larger air intakes dominate the road.

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The great changes of the light units are not typical of BMW facelifts in recent years and without a question it suggests that BMW has learned from the feedback received on the previous model. The headlights have been heavily revised and are now slimmer, more angular and with a sporty eyebrow that gives the front-end a more unified look. The LED headlights and LED foglights also help with the more premium and dynamic look of the car.


The air intakes have also grown optically giving the car a more focused look. The kidney grille has also been revised and are now beefier and made of chrome.

The rear has some distinct changes. The taillights now show the typical L-shaped lights, compared to the more square look of the previous model. LEDs are also standard. The slimmer and longer proportions make the rear look wider and sportier.

BMW has also restyled the bumper and tailpipes.


Inside, BMW kept the same overall layout, but added more premium materials and sportiness. The use of chrome is highly visible now in the 1 Series Facelift.

The new 3-door and 5-door BMW 1 Series models also come with a comprehensively revised engine line-up and additional measures designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, allowing them to lead the way once again in the introduction of new BMW EfficientDynamics technology.

The 1 Series BMW now comes with a selection of five petrol and five diesel engine options. With petrol engines, only the BMW M135i is now offered with xDrive, while the diesel engines provide the solution with the BMW 120d xDrive and BMW 118d xDrive, packing the needed punch in both power and torque in the new 1 Series models.

Here is a photo gallery from Geneva.

13 responses to “2015 Geneva Motor Show: BMW 1 Series LCI Facelift”

  1. jcatl says:

    Why oh why can’t we get this car in the US?

  2. Senne says:

    Really great little Beemer! :)

    • Freudeking says:

      Sad that this is the last one that will be RWD, the next one is some FWD cheap trash like Audi

      • Senne says:

        Sadly, I can’t say you’re wrong. But for now let’s just enjoy this (last) RWD Hot Hatch. And I’m also really against the idea of FWD BMW’s… but then, we are enthousiasts. A lot of people don’t even know they’re driving a RWD car. So I guess it makes kind of sense they make their smallest cars FWD… But I also think it’s too bad and they don’t really need to do that to be the number one premium car company…

  3. Chris Steinke says:

    So did I read that correctly? The new 1 series re-design was ‘penned’ by a student at the Art Center in Pasdena, CA, USA, but BMW NA won’t sell it in the US. I love BMW, but BMW NA is brain dead.

  4. Jack says:

    I want the M135i with a manual right now.. Oh, but wait, their not coming to the USA ):

  5. Sahil M says:

    The latest list of cars from companies at Geneva looks just WOW! I wish to have all of them in my garage. It’s the WOW red from BMW!

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