Fifth Gear Video Review: 2012 BMW M5

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Fifth Gear delivers a video review of the new 2012 BMW M5. Fifth Gear’s star Vicki Butler- Henderson shows us why many journalists believe the …

Fifth Gear delivers a video review of the new 2012 BMW M5. Fifth Gear’s star Vicki Butler- Henderson shows us why many journalists believe the new M5 is the ultimate luxury sedan.

In the UK, the new 2012 BMW M5 is priced at £73,040 or $118,306 when converted to U.S. dollars. Previous generation BMW M5 was priced at t £65,890. The super sporty saloon went on sale on November 19.

As a reminder, with the new super sporty sedan, BMW has moved on from from naturally aspirated engines to a TwinPower turbocharged V8. The high-revving 4.4-liter (4395cc) turbocharged uses the BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology, twin-scroll turbochargers, high-precision direct fuel injection, VALVETRONIC variable valve control and a cross-bank exhaust manifold that outputs 560 horsepower from 5,750-7,000 rpm and 680Nm (502 lb-ft) of torque from only 1500rpm. The high-rev unit rockets the M5 to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds and under 4 seconds using BMW’s new Launch Control.

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20 responses to “Fifth Gear Video Review: 2012 BMW M5”

  1. Mateo says:

    so it’s faster but E60 was better, finally someone who knows what is the point of an ///M. You can trash any RWD turbo car around track – what’s the point doing it in 2tone saloon???

    old one was so much more ///M!

    also, this one has too much electronics (even more than E60), i think that chassis is good because it’s electronics doing all the work.

    car is so big and heavy she can’t drive it fast on normal roads because she must use all the tarmac and if she touches the throttle all that pointless torque just trashes the car all over the road.

    and one more thing, everyone is talking about turbo-lag, i think thats not the problem (any more), what is it’s you get all Nm from low rpm’s. Which means you just get tire smoke, NA engines deliver torque much better, this is a great car but it sucks in my opinion.

    i hate audi’s but lisen  their new V8 TwinTurbo and you’ll hear what is noise (well, it’s no S85 but its better than S63)

    all these magazines are kind a well, M5 is the best no matter what, just like VW golf, no matter what golf is the king….come on.

    last thing : 0-62. why? who cares, it was important 10 years ago, today 550i does it in 5 seconds, damn 6 GC does it in 4.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • remy says:

      I agree soo much with you. What i expected from BMW was something like Ferrari did with the 458 italia. They use similar engine capacity 4.5l which delivers 10 hp even more from a naturally aspirated engines that revs to 9000 rpm! And they managed to get a decent mileage from it, with 540 Nm ot torque.  This is a true achievement, not getting just 560 hp from a twin turbo engine.

      If you just need a fast saloon, with good touring abilities, there will be the new M550d tri-turbo engine, that will do probably almost twice the range as the petrol M5.

      The V10 on a M5 E60 is a beast and gives a thrilling that you seek to receive from an M car.

      • wazon8 says:

        You must be insane to compare M5 to Ferrari. The former is supposed to be everyday car with quite impressive performance numbers, but as such car it needs to be reliable. Natural way of increasing reliability of a car is abandoning its engine’s output. What’s reliability of Ferraris? Better don’t ask. 

        As for M550d it will be much closer to 550i than to M5, so there is huge difference between these two. If you like more focused machines, you go for M5. I believe, you will see that these two are not on a pair, when you see track performance numbers of both.

        • Manchester Man says:

          Finally someone talking sense. Honestly some people just talk out of their asses, I totally agree, Imean how can people ever compare a Ferrari to a BMW sedan… LOL!

          • Mateo says:

            well, if clarkson can, so can we :D

          • henry sichembe says:

            @ mateo & remy…yes the E60 was a beast,but it consumed lots and lots of fuel!!just ask anyone who ever owned one how often they had to stop for petrol..and thats the thing about NA engienes..thats why even merc and audi have switched to turbo engienes..we all know for a fact bmw could have made an even more noisy,fire spitting,super high revving NA V10,but they didnt,because today with all the environmental issues and blah blah,a NA engiene just wont cut it!!so it was all about making a turbocharged car which is as fun,as family friendly,as track friendly and as lag-less as possible,and BMW,without a doubt,have done just that to near perfection!!and thats why this car is the best in its may not be perfect,especially for hardcore ///M fans,but which of its rivals is as close to perfect as it??the answer is NONE..and this is why (even TopGear agrees) the BMW M5 is yet to be beaten..

          • Al7oot says:

            I remember Tiff reviewed the M5 E60 in France and he said “Best Car Ever” but he also said “You have to pull a petrol station with you for a petrol” the car is thirsty for fuel.

          • Mateo says:

            all you wrote is true, but if bmw made brand new NA V10 with 520hp and make new m5 weight like 1750 kg i would burn less fuel than E60. S85 didn’t even had direct fuel injection remember?
            if this new one is so more eco frendly why they put extra 10 liters of fuel tank????
            and of course, if you have 100k for a super-saloon (M5 was sold in just 20,000 units – that’s 20,000 people, we all know how much rich people there is on this planet – a lot) you can afford yourself a fuel and running costs. if you can’t there’s always 550i which is cheaper but still damn fast.

            i think truth is – bmw just wanted more money so its easy to just take gearbox from M3 and tune V8 from regular 550i.

          • Manchester Man says:

            If it’s all about NA then why did Jeremy Clarkson say the BMW 1M is the best and most perfect car since the 80’s?? We all know the 1M is not NA.

            People say fuel prices doesnt affect performance car drivers. Thats bullcrap, I have a mate who has an E60 M5 and he dreads going to the shop in his car and it has even affected his disposable income. Believe it or not most M5/M3 drivers are not millionaires and money does not go on trees!

  2. Temotorsports says:

    Not that impressive, even w/ Vicki behind the wheel…catch the video of her driving the 458 Italia Spyder.

  3. Manchester Man says:

    Call me sexist all you like but Tiff should have reviewed this car. Vicky should only review small city cars as small cars have a high % of women owners….

    What are the % of BMW M, AMG and RS drivers?? I bet you that it is so small that you can call these performance cars a “mans” car. Even in the history of motorsports, it is highly dominated by males. I am not being sexist at all ( even my gf is a feminist) but a Tiff would have given a much more accurate review.

    I will not let a female reviewer affect my views on performance cars. Most girls dont even know what BHP is!

    • Mateo says:

      really? well tiff hates turbos and superchargers so i think he would say the same, actually i think he would say that car has too much electronics.

      chech comment above yours – vicky in 458 Spyder!!!! WHAT A SOUND!!!!!

      • Manchester Man says:

        hahaha and Jeremy Clarkson HATES diesels but still named the 535D the car of the year. i dont care about her 458 video mate, Tiff is a much better driver. End of.

        • Mateo says:

          i’m not saying he’s not, i agree on that with you but what would clarkson take : 535d / M550d / or V10 highrevving M5

          • Manchester Man says:

            535d is not a specialist performance car like the M5!! so its completely irrelevant and I cant answer any questions about the M550d, its not even out and the consumption figure is not out.

            You should ask whether he would take the 535d or the 535i. ANd of course he will take the 535d becuase of the current climate with the hardcore fuel prices.

  4. fruneed says:

    Vicki Butler: ” BMW know how to make a great driver car” …..BMW M POWER!!

  5. Maestro says:

    I have a 2008 E60 and love it. Also, got a chance to drive the F10 in Spain – on race-track and on 2 hour scenic Andalusia drive back to the hotel. Let me tell you, this F10 is an amazing car. But It has to be driven very differently than the E60, if you try to drive the same way, the F10 will disappoint. Minor turbo lag there. But the whoosh of power on demand is quite a thrill. The suspension and ride is far better than an E60. I mean way better. This car is more sure footed on the ground than an E60 ever was. And the transmission – this DCT is absolutely incredible. The way it shifts….But, that being said, hitting 8000 RPM in 3rd gear of the E60 – nothing can replace that, or better yet, the howl at 8000 RPM of that V10 – I will miss that. True driving pleasure. This is a muted beast, but, when you want to overtake and blow everyone else away in the mirror. this car is a notch above. I noticed other cars were starting to keep up with my E60 – 335’s S4’s, they were all keeping up. Not with the F10, you are king again. Car and Driver clocked 0-60 at 3.7. But better is the quarter mile at 122 in 12 sec Is technology bad, maybe so, I mean there is something nice about the horse and buggy after all..

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