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More driving pleasure, reduced emissions: this principle of the development strategy BMW EfficientDynamics applies equally at the very highest level of performance. As of spring …


More driving pleasure, reduced emissions: this principle of the development strategy BMW EfficientDynamics applies equally at the very highest level of performance. As of spring 2010, the high-performance model BMW M3 consistently combines its outstanding driving performance figures with further reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emission levels. The range of BMW EfficientDynamics measures fitted as standard in the models BMW M3 Coupé, BMW M3 Convertible and BMW M3 Sedan is now to be supplemented with the Auto Start Stop Function. This reduces the average fuel consumption and CO2 levels of the BMW M3 by up to 8 per cent or 24 grams of CO2 per kilometre. In order to further hone the outstandingly sporty profile of the model there will also be a Competition Package available as of spring 2010.

Auto Start Stop Function for the BMW M3 – for the first time in conjunction with a dual clutch transmission. (Available in Europe only)

The BMW M3 achieves its outstanding performance with impressive efficiency. Its 4.0 litre V8 high-revving engine mobilises 309 kW/420 bhp, enabling superior acceleration response due to its unique propulsion. In addition to its fascinating performance characteristics, the 8-cylinder engine – developed exclusively for the BMW M3 – is characterised by an unusually high degree of efficiency. Additional efficiency potential is now tapped into with the Auto Start Stop Function. This helps the drive avoid idling phases when stopping at junctions or in congested traffic. In order to prevent unnecessary fuel consumption the engine is switched off when the vehicle comes to a halt. As soon as the driver wishes to continue driving, the engine is re-activated without delay.

The Auto Start Stop Function is used both in vehicles with standard 6-speed manual transmission and in conjunction with the M dual clutch transmission with Drivelogic. The BMW M3 is thus the first model – along with the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 and the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 – to use this efficiency-enhancing measure in combination with an automated manual transmission.


The increase in efficiency brought about by the Auto Start Stop Function is up to 8 per cent of 24 grams of CO2 per kilometre, depending on the model and transmission type. For example, the BMW M3 Coupé with 7-speed M dual clutch transmission and Drivelogic powered by a V8 high-revving engine with 309 kW/420 bhp now achieves an average fuel consumption on the EU test cycle of 11.2 litres per 100 kilometres (6-speed manual transmission: 12.4 litres). The same figures apply to the BMW M3 Sedan. In the case of the BMW M3 Convertible, the average fuel consumption is reduced to 11.5 litres (M dual clutch transmission with Drivelogic) or 12.7 litres (6-speed manual transmission) per 100 kilometres. All versions of the BMW M3 will also meet the exhaust emission norm EU5 in future.

Modified rear lights with glass covers in a homogeneous red colour provide an additional visual accentuation in the BMW M3 Coupé and the BMW M3 Convertible. With two harmoniously illuminating light banks fed by LED units, they create a characteristic nocturnal design.

New for the BMW M3: Competition Package and retrofit options.

The Competition Package, available for the Coupé and the Sedan, and the retrofit options from the range of Original BMW Accessories specially developed for the M3 are just two possible ways of individualising the sports car. With a suspension lowered by some 10 mm and light alloy wheels in the size 9 x 19 inches at the front and Y-spoke design at the rear, the Competition Package provides further optimised longitudinal and transverse dynamics. In addition, the control of the electronic damper adjustment function EDC including a Sport mode specially developed for the Competition Package has been precisely adjusted to the chassis modifications by means of map-based control and the driving stability control function DSC.

The new range of items from the Original BMW Accessories program available for the BMW M3 provides an even more intense driving experience. Retrofit options designed for this model are specifically geared towards increasing dynamic performance and driving pleasure. For example a rear spoiler and front apron flaps in carbon will be available from spring 2010. As well as perfectly matching the Competition Package the aerodynamically optimised components further reduce lift force, thereby increasing the driving dynamics potential of the BMW M3.

[Source: BMW ]

  • Ham

    Looks amazing! What will the price be? Currently driving F02 and I have been looking to break into the M division!

  • John

    How weird the world has become. Driving a sportscar, but with efficient dynamics. Don’t be a hypocrite, if you want to save the environment: buy a bicycle!

    • Alvin Wong

      I don’t view it necessarily as a bad thing. It’s a sports car that many could, would and do drive daily to work, the supermarket and from time to time, the track. Why not make the car a little more efficient for day to day situations? It’ll still be fast on the track and when you fill up it’ll be slightly lighter on your wallet.

    • Andrew

      How can it be hypocritical? If anything, that’s a good sign that car companies are making concious efforts to progress efficiency technologies across an entire model line – not just select vehicles.

    • Alex

      I’m sure that the start stop feature can be disabled with an ecu tune, but I agree. I hate this Eco conscious crap. I’m all for improving engine and transmission efficiency, but shutting down the engine is starting to get on the nuts side.

      • Bimmer121

        Stop/Start can be turned off with a button in the car.

  • Elgee

    little details that make it even more desirable!!!

  • Ted Spahr

    Ok, so lets all pretend for a minute…

    Here I am with a new 2011 M3. I don’t like stock cars, so I have some fun. New wheels, lower it on coils, engine mods, and the icing on the cake, exhaust. So I’m driving my newly modded M3 around town, loving it. But then I approach stop light. Come to a stop, exhaust purring nicely. Then silence. People look at my oddly, they think “haha, M3 man just killed his nice car. What a tool.” But low and behold, it wasn’t me, it was my “EfficientDynamics Auto Start Stop Function”. But the damage is done. They all point and laugh, it starts back up when I pull away, but with my head down and not loving the drive anymore.

    Yes the function is probably optional, yes it can probably be deleted with ECU tune if it is not. But do you know how much an ECU tune costs for an E92? If you gotta ask, you can’t afford it.

    Overall, this is a ridiculous thing to be putting in a M3. The down hill spiral is picking up speed it seems.

    • Alvin Wong

      Aww…sounds like you’re afraid your e-Penis level will shrink. Oh no.

    • pav

      if you want to show everybody around how cool your new car is and how thick your wallet under your shiny gold ass is buy lambo or similar jewellery. if you care about driving pleasure and not what other think about your ass buy m3….simple as that

      • Ted Spahr

        Driving Pleasure is objective. A stock car is just that, a stock car. Putting aftermarket parts on a car to make it perform better is what I consider driving pleasure. Bilstien Coils, Active Autowerk Front and Rear Strut bar, Dinan engine goodies.

        And so you know, I already own an M3, a 97.

        @ Alvin Wong. Asian’s should not talk about penis size.. Just sayin.

        • Alvin Wong

          Oh I have nothing to hide about my size..I’m asian. Sounds like you’re the one who is concerned of what others will think about you.

          “Crap…am I overcompensating?”

    • Alex

      Everything should be fine until the corvette gets a hybrid four cylinder with FWD.

    • Elgee

      Don’t be affraid like that, the start and stop system can be tunred off, no need for ecu tune. + The M3 doesn’t tha much nose at idle, if someone laugh at you, u just floor it when the light turns green and they’ll just shut up. U’r problem is not really a problem, u’r just affraid of innovation.

      • Ted Spahr

        Not afraid of innovation, just don’t think this type of innovation is in the right place on an M3… Major carbon fiber chassis components on a mass produced car… Yes. That’s the type of innovation I believe should be on a track ready car. Which the M3 is. The M3 is not a “green machine” and I hate that BMW is putting this in as a trojan horse so make a group of people happy.

  • Ted Spahr

    And to set the record straight, I’m not opposed to this type of technology in any way shape of form. I just think that is has no place on a car like the M3. Somewhat of an oxy-moron if you ask me.

  • Fadi

    Changing the subject a bit, please don’t bite my head off. I am contemplating getting and M3. I have always driven manual, presently 335. I am told that the double clutch transmission is amazing, better shifting, faster etc. but I am concerned that it would take away from the driving experience. Can’t seem to find any posted comments from those who have experienced both. I don’t necessarily care that the double cluch is faster or more precise. Are there M3 enthusiasts out there who simply refuse to let go of 3rd pedal?

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