Prior Design

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BMW 650i Coupe in Yas Marina Blue

The BMW 650i Coupe initially started as a red BMW and was then transformed into a Yas Marina Blue coupe also featuring the Prior Design Widebody kit.

M&D Tuning Takes 650i Coupe to 510 HP

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Stunning Pearl Black BMW M6 Gran Coupe By PRIOR Design

The widebody kit by PRIOR Design, illustrates again the great stance of the BMW M6 Gran Coupe. Starting with an already aggressive stance, the Prior Design kit only proves again why the M6 Gran Coupe is considered one…

Prior Design PD6XX Widebody BMW M6 Image 01 750x500

Prior Design PD6XX Tuning Program For BMW M6

Prior Design has released another photoshoot of their PD6XX tuning program. Designed and manufactured with exact BMW M6 specifications, the tuner turns the German sports car into a widebody aggressive behemoth that looks like it’s…

prior design bmw 6 series widebody 1 750x500

Widebody BMW 6 Series and M6 by Prior Design

Prior Design unveils a widebody kit for the BMW 6 Series Coupe. The aero package is also offered for the F13 6 Series Convertible and the M6 variants. The PD6XX kit includes new front and…

bmw m6 prior design 750x500

BMW M6 by Prior Design

Prior Design releases their first photos of the PD6XX widebody kit for the BMW M6. The styling package sports an aggressive front bumper, a carbon fiber front lip spoiler and carbon fiber canards. Revised side…

Prior Design BMW F30 12 750x500

Prior Design Aero Package for BMW 3 Series

German-tuning shop Prior Design unveils their aero package for the F30 BMW 3 Series. The simple, yet elegant aero kit includes new front bumper and rear bumper with integrated diffuser, rear spoiler, side skirts and…