Hamann 5 Series

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BMW 5 Series Touring by Hamann

After the limousine, HAMANN-Motorsport now also vamps up the estate car version of the new BMW 5 Series. In Laupheim the Touring is upgraded to become a fitness studio for up to five persons. All…

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2011 Geneva: Hamann 5 Series and X6 TYCOON EVO M

Another tuner to showcase their work at the Geneva Motor Show was the German-based shop Hamann. The company displayed at their exhibit the new F10 5 Series and their interpretation of the X6 M, dubbed…

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Hamann program for 2011 BMW 5 Series F10

The famous German tuner Hamann releases their BMW F10 5 Series program. As seen in the past, their program consists of changes in usually four areas: aerodynamics, suspension, exhaust system and accessories(e.g wheels, interior elements)….