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BMW Mallorca charging 830x553

BMW installs 100 charging points in Mallorca

If there is one important pillar in the fast adoption of electric vehicles, then it has to be the charging infrastructure. For years, many countries have struggled with the business case around a charging network…

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BMW to install 80,000 public charging poles in China

BMW has committed to further expanding its charging networks in the world’s largest auto market 0 China. By the end of this year, BMW plans to install more than 80,000 public charging poles in more…

New Adapter Allows BMW Plug-Ins to Use Tesla Destination Chargers

bmw i3 charge port cover 750x500

BMW i3 Life Hack: Charge Port Snow Cover

Charge ports on electric cars are similar to the fuel tank filler openings on gasoline and diesel cars in that the fuel or energy is transferred into the vehicle through an opening that is typically…