BMW M4 Safety Car

The New BMW M8 Gran Coupe MotoGP Safety Car F93 10 830x553

BMW M CEO teases the upcoming G82 M4 Safety Car

Markus Flasch is not your typical CEO of a car company. Or in this case, of a car division. Ever since he took over the M chair in September 2018, the young car executive has…

BMW M3 Coupe Safety Car at Nurburgring

BMW M4 DTM Safety Car 2014 F82 Detail Fotos 01 750x500

A closer look at the BMW M4 DTM Safety Car

During the presentation of the BMW M3 and M4 in Portugal, Bimmertoday had the opportunity to take a closer look at the new BMW M4 DTM Safety Car for the 2014 MotoGP season. The BMW…

bmw m4 coupe dtm safety car 12 750x500

The new BMW M4 Coupé DTM Safety Car

Weeks after first appearance at the 2014 MotoGP Championship, the new BMW M4 Coupe DTM Safety Car is officially introduced by BMW for the 2014 DTM. The BMW M4 Coupé DTM Safety Car will lead…