BMW Concept C

BMW C Evolution 081 750x500

The new BMW C evolution e-scooter

There have been drastic changes in the requirements for individual mobility concepts, in particular for conurbations. More than ever before, individual mobility is defined today in terms of sustainability. Growing traffic volume, rising energy costs…

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Videos: BMW Concept C

New videos of the BMW Concept C were just added to our Youtube channel. The new Concept C was at the 2010 EICMA show in Milan. “C” stands for commuter and the new Concept is…

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World Premiere: BMW Concept C

Press Release: Recent years have seen radical changes in the world of individual mobility, specifically in the conurbations, and the number of registrations has rocketed for virtually all individual transport concepts. However, the space available…

Premiere: BMW Concept C. The future of Scooters made by BMW Motorrad