BMW aerodynamic test center

BMW EVZ Hoehenpruefstand 16 750x500

BMW’s Energy and Environmental Test Center

A car must hold out against all climatic conditions. Whether in rain or snow, hot or cold weather, or varying air pressure, all vehicles’ systems must function at their best. Rain must not inhibit full…

bmw wind tunel hairdo 14 512x500

BMW tests a wind tunnel against a hairdo

The new BMW wind tunnel in the north of Munich: a place that can even surprise the much-travelled Sylvie van der Vaart. She sits in a 1987 open-top BMW 3 Series Convertible, authentically dressed in…

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BMW’s new aerodynamic test center built in Munich

An investment in the future: the Aerodynamic Test Centre. No other car maker is as committed as the BMW Group to making lasting and substantial investments in the enhanced efficiency of new models. Building the…