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2017 BMW i3 new battery 1 750x500

BMW expects a breakthrough in battery technology in 2026

If there is one impediment in the fast adoption of electric vehicles is the battery technology which still delivers a fairly limited driving range in electric vehicles. BMW has recently updated its battery pack in…

Lithium Ion Battery for BMW i3   Battery Pack 01 750x500

BMW confirms commitment to using Samsung battery technology

Last week, former BMW R&D chief, now Volkswagen brand CEO Herbert Diess, said that a battery-production facility was necessary in Germany and that the Germans automakers should seriously consider producing their own batteries for electric…

BMW i3 range will be increased in 2016 with a new battery

Battery Technology – The Future Of Electric Cars

Want to know the future of electric cars?  First you have to understand where battery technology is going, and more importantly—when. You think, if Tesla is selling fast, long-range EVs today, and Chevy has announced…