2016 BMW X4 M40i

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2016 BMW X4 M40i – New Photo Gallery

While in Monterey for the new BMW M2 test drive, we also had the chance to spend some time with the top dog in the X4 family – the X4 M40i. Tuned and designed by…

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BMW X4 M40i priced at 65,000 euros in Germany

In time for the launch of the new BMW X4 M40i, BMW has loaded an updated price list on the homepage, thereby revealing the basic price of the new top model. According to the new…

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Who else is excited about the X4 M40i?

I’ve been snooping the interwebs the past couple of days and reading quite a bit about the BMW X4 M40i. First, some images were leaked and we got a teaser of what it’s going to…


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BMW X4 M40i – Leaked Photos and Info

Yesterday we reported exclusively that the upcoming BMW X4 M40i will output 360 horsepower and will be offered with the Long Beach Blue color. And now, we have the first photos of the super sport…