2012 BMW M5 review

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Video: 2012 BMW M5 review

Canadian-based magazine Herald Wheels is giving us a review of the 2012 BMW M5 with DCT transmission. In the U.S., the BMW M5 carries Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices of $90,695 and powered by a high-revving…

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2012 BMW M5: 0-60 in 3.7 sec

The magazine numbers are in. In the December issue of Car and Driver, the US magazine reports that the new BMW M5 ran 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds. From 0 to 100 mph, the M5…

Video: 2012 BMW M5 driven by Autocar

Autocar UK brings us a video review of the all-new 2012 BMW M5. Before we jump into the video review, here is a short excerpt from our own on-track drive. Lap of Ascari. As we…

BMWBLOG Racetrack Review: The Venerable 2012 M5 Terrorizes Ascari