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bmw m3 vs audi rs4 750x500

RWD BMW M3 vs AWD Audi RS4

BMW M4 | December 23rd, 2014 by Horatiu Boeriu

The folks over at CarThrottle test drive, review and compare the new BMW M3 and the Audi RS4, a rear-wheel drive sports sedan┬áversus an all-wheel …

BMW M3 F80 vs Audi RS4 2014 Video Sprint Duell 750x467

BMW F80 M3 against Audi RS4 Avant – Video

Videos | October 28th, 2014 by Horatiu Boeriu

Approximately 300 kilograms separate the new BMW F80 M3 Sedan from Audi RS4 Avant. Due to the┬ácombined form and all-wheel drive, the Audi RS 4 …

Audi RS4 Avant And BMW F80 M3 Drag Race Side Bz Side 750x362

Drag Race: BMW F80 M3 Vs. Audi RS4 Avant

Videos | October 14th, 2014 by Vanja Kljaic

How does a BMW F80 M3 fair in a drag battle with an Audi RS4 Avant? This is exactly the question GTBoard answered in a …