New BMW 7 Series design explained by Karim Habib

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BMW’s Chief Designer, Karim Habib went on camera for us to explain the design of the new BMW 7 Series. The amount of technology, luxury …

BMW’s Chief Designer, Karim Habib went on camera for us to explain the design of the new BMW 7 Series.

The amount of technology, luxury and finesse featured on the 7 Series’ cabin is simply astonishing. Customers who buy the new 7 Series may never actually drive it, but sit in the rear seats in their driveway.

“The level of finesse and quality quality that we have now in the 7 Series interior, you will find that in the new BMWs coming out on the streets,” Habib says.

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“The sporty driver-oriented interior will always be part of BMW’s character, identity, but we know found ways where we can combine that sportiness with that level of quality and finesse and refinement that is expected today of a car luxury manufacturer like BMW.”

Let’s listen to Karim explain the features of the most luxurious BMW has ever built.

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  1. Senne says:

    They have done such an amazing job with the new 7 Series! It’s really their flagship in a lot of ways and I think they couldn’t have done it better. If I had the money, I’d instantly buy it, because it’s such a luxurious, yet very sporty, very beautiful BMW. Everything I expected it to be, and even more! WOW.

  2. Efoza says:

    This is by far going to be a game changer in this segment given its fab but conservative design, high tech, ultimate comfort and above all driving ability. However, one of the key advantages going for it is going to be its actual and perceived image.

    I test drove the current S class last week, just to get the feel of what Benz is currently offering. Of course, it is a great car in many respects, but it also suffers from the same wind noise problem around the side mirrors as the new 7. there is also road noise if you go for the nice 20″ wheels whereas the new 7’s installation ensured against any such noise.

    These, I guess some might says little problems aside, I think the biggest problem for Benz and its S class is its image of being a taxi car in its main markets such as Europe and the Middle East. It is a car to be driven in rather than to drive. It is on this point that the new 7 now has an opportunity to be the best and only alternative to the Benz if you want to drive a luxury car yourself rather than to be just driven in.

    It is also on this point that people. who do not want to be perceived to be taxi drivers by being seen driving their own expensive luxury car, are now more likely to go for the new 7 rather than the good old S class.

    In short, BMW has built a new masterpiece and has pitched it well within this fussy and snobby market of luxury cars.

  3. Michael Christopher Frazier IV says:


  4. Misha Nikolich says:

    Always nice to hear from Karim. The way he explains the philosophy behind the design is very interesting to me. Wonderful content – thank you.

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