BMW: “X1 is indefinitely postponed for US market”

BMW X1 | August 22nd, 2011 by 11
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At a recent BMW event, we learned that for now, the BMW X1 has been indefinitely postponed in the United States. In the following days, …

At a recent BMW event, we learned that for now, the BMW X1 has been indefinitely postponed in the United States. In the following days, we learned through unofficial channels that the entry-level Sports Activity Vehicle remains on the U.S. roadmap and a tentative launch date will be in late 2012.

BMWBLOG reported in early January that BMW’s entry-level SAV, the X1, will miss its original launch target in early 2011 and be postponed until late 2011. The delay was related to production capacity at the Leipzig plant and a high demand for the vehicle. But new information come to confirm an even later date than the previously one reported.

We’re inclined to believe that the North American customers will have to wait until BMW rolls off the facelifted X1 which is likely to appear in early 2013.

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The Canadian market received the X1 starting in June and the base price for the xDrive28i model is $38,500. The X1 will be equipped with the new N20 four-cylinder turbocharged engine. BMWBLOG had the opportunity to drive the car back in April.

11 responses to “BMW: “X1 is indefinitely postponed for US market””

  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep telling everyone that they can’t have one; drive up demand and price. We all know the more you tell someone they can’t have something, the more they want it.

  2. tasty donuts says:

    nooooooo my next car :(   oh well, f30 wagon it is :)

  3. drew says:

    here’s a suggestion – since the NA market already gets a “select” few models to begin with, why not just simplify simplify simplify ever more and just give us the 3, 5 and 7?  we really don’t need the rest of the models anyway and this would make purists happy!


    • T. says:

      Purists might be happy but BMW’s customerbase is not select to purists that is why BMW cater for all markets – You might not like what BMW does but it is a Global brand responding to the needs of Global customers  – Every BMW is developed to appeal to a customer in any market , Some cars might not work in some markets but they work in others and people forget about that. 

      Would you still be driving a VW based V6 powered M3 which shares it’s VW platform with a host of other clones? Because if BMW had not expanded when they did.  
      BMW would not be an  Independent company in today’s climate.

      • empower says:

        could not put it better myself my enlightened friend. if they were real purist they would only fly piston driven air plains. and maybe only ride there boxer motor bikes. as long bmw build what they want why care if they build suv. all i want is bmw to be independent and not answer to much to shareholders     

  4. Anonymous says:

    great car,Expecting……,now i drive BMW e46,I am very satisfied with gps buying at

  5. Guy4runner says:

    I just built an x1 on the canada bmw now if i have to go to canada to get my x1 i will because i want one!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sean Porter says:

    wow, really disappointed. I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere now. I really wanted to continue with this brand too. 

  7. tasty donuts says:

    someone please delete this spam.

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