How It Works: “The Hands-Free Tailgate Opening”

Videos | October 5th, 2010 by 11

“Hands-free tailgate opening” is a new innovative function that allows BMW customers standing behind the vehicle to open the luggage compartment automatically with a movement …

“Hands-free tailgate opening” is a new innovative function that allows BMW customers standing behind the vehicle to open the luggage compartment automatically with a movement of their foot.

The “hands-free tailgate opener” will be available for the new BMW 5 Series Touring and new BMW 5 Series Saloon from Fall 2011 as part of the BMW ConnectedDrive Comfort Access option.

Hands-Free Tailgate Opening becomes convenient when carrying items that require placing them on the ground in order to free up your hands and push the remote button for tailgate opening. The new convenience feature uses two sensor strips placed on different planes in the bumper, somewhat similar to the Parking Distance Control technology. The placement of the sensors makes it possible to identify the customer’s foot movement without any risk of confusing it, for example, with a ball rolling under the car.

How It Works: The Hands Free Tailgate Opening

Furthermore, to prevent unauthorized access to the car, the opening mechanism can only be activated if the control unit also identifies the car key.

While attending the Paris Motor Show, we asked Arno Keller, Project Lead BMW 5 Series Touring, to give us a quick demo of this new feature.

  • Tom

    A solution to a problem no one had. This is another reason why BMW gets heavier and heavier through the generations.

    • etuoyo

      Incredibbly enough I have this problem everytime I go shopping at Tesco.

    • bimgville

      Me too. I heard about this and thought it was a bit silly. The next morning I was walking out to my car on a rainy day from my hotel, bag in one hand and suit in the other. I stopped at the rear of my car, looked at the wet ground, looked back to my tailgate, and thought “boy I could use that feature right now”

  • Laszlo

    its actually not that useless but you have to get pretty close to the trunk and when you have a bunch of stuff in your hand it will still be difficult.
    anyway i rather pay for this then for a sunroof, a ipad docking, a idrive, or any of the i-thingy as this could be useful in certain situation.
    I’m glad BMW dropped the idiotic loading floor of the E39 wagon (I have one and that is the most useless stuff)
    I do miss the practicality of the E34 in the E39 and this new wagon could have been a good replacement. Sadly it will not be sold here. I will not buy an X5 nor the butt ugly 5GT

  • plaxico

    The rep seething with anger and humiliation as an internet blogger rudely and needlessly instructs him to demonstrate this simple feature a second time is the most interesting thing about this video.

    • anonymous

      I agree that some ‘soft skills’ would have made the video more pleasant to watch. There are ways to ask people to do things for you without coming across as obnoxious or curt. I appreciate though that both interviewer and interviewee can come across as a bit terse (out of nervousness and inexperience) on camera at times and maybe Horatiu isn’t usually like that.

      I’d have tried with ‘Very nice, very smooth. Sorry I missed it with the camera though. My fault, can we try it again if you don’t mind?’

      • Horatiu B.

        Not that I have to defend myself, BUT…I actually know Arno well. We chatted before the video and in the past. We did two tries and no one was nervous. I asked him to redo it again, just so we can show it one more time and I didn’t wanna say too much on camera. Trust me, there was no moment of rudness nor inexperience. It was an ad-hoc video and that’s what we went for. Sure, we could have setup the tripod and do ten takes.

        We didn’t miss the first shot, simply asked again to redo it so we can see it in action again.

        • anonymous

          Sounds good, see, the camera can lie afterall!

  • Nicks

    I love BMW and will defend it to my death, but in this video, I’d have loved it if the boot didn’t open when he put his foot under the car :) :)

  • bunker

    I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate that we’re not getting this car in the States. Makes me want to puke. Stupid 5er GT…

  • Jon

    This is a wind up…..he is just pressing the key to open… can tell by the smirk on his face”