Spy Shots: BMW 3 Series E92 Coupe Facelift

Spy Photos | August 4th, 2009 by 18
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It has been a while since we’ve seen spy photos of the upcoming BMW 3 Series E92 facelift and to our surprise, many spy shots …

It has been a while since we’ve seen spy photos of the upcoming BMW 3 Series E92 facelift and to our surprise, many spy shots popped up today on E90post. The new E92 facelift will include some minor changes to its already gorgeous bodystyle.

Judging by these photos, the headlights will get a different “eyebrow”, similar to what we have seen in the E90 LCI.  The LED taillights are different from the current ones, but it’s still hard to tell the exact changes behind the camouflage tape. The front and rear bumpers are being redesigned as well and we have no doubt that they will be even more aggressive.

Now, one thing that has definitely changed and will draw some criticism from the BMW fans, is the side mirror. Compared to the current E92 model, the side mirrors have increased in size, giving the side view a less sleeker look.

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What’s even more surprising is the fact that BMW decided to “touch” the interior design as well. Similar to the recently unveiled BMW X1, the heated seats buttons are now located onto the air control panel. Looking at the interior photo below, we can clearly see the “much-loved” perforated steering wheel.

Sources close to BMW spoke to us a few weeks back about some upcoming changes next Spring in the 3 Series line-up and corroborated with the latest rumors, we’re convinced that the new BMW 3 Series E92 facelift will be available in the February-March, 2010 timeframe.

[Source: E90post | MotorAuthority ]

18 responses to “Spy Shots: BMW 3 Series E92 Coupe Facelift”

  1. Tony says:

    Hopefully they don’t change to much on the E92/E93 facelift because those models are perfect already.

    • wazon says:

      I hope too, I would even say that e92 is the best BMW ever made. I simply love way this car look especially with M-optik package.

      • Lance says:

        I agree, the car is perfect as is. Why bring out a facelift taht’s going to have a life span of about 1 and a bit more years? I suppose the facelift will boost sales a bit though.

  2. Victor says:

    you are right! :)

  3. About the side view mirrors,they had to be increased in size due to the European Regulations that state so for a better view thus safety.

    • Lance says:

      Why then do all 1 Series models still have the old size mirrors? That oversized mirror is terrible and BMW is just using the one from the sedan. I am sure if they wanted to, they could have come up with a better solution by putting more effort into it. Euro Reg does not require such a big mirror. I hve not seen other euro cars with such big mirrors except SUVs.

  4. Giom says:

    Love the little detail on the outside/bottom part of the headlights. Not too much, not too little, just right. Also, it seems that the chin spoiler is getting something thats in line with the 5 GT.

    Agree with Tony and Victor, I do.

  5. viper says:

    why all that camo tape

  6. wooter says:

    It looks that the picture of the upcoming IAA in Frankfurt has a convertible without tape:

  7. E92-Toronto says:



    • Lance says:

      just to add to your list:

      A5 = rear design hard to accept, front is incredibly boring, poor handling, VW parts, poor reliability, poor service.
      E-Coupe = not so sre about the looks, does not appeal to me, definately overpriced

  8. Samir says:

    Look at those huge mirrors! The car is perfect! Why change it? Its always someone at BMW trying to justify their paychecks!

  9. Samir says:

    I can’t judge the rest of the car, but I already can see the mirrors gotta go! IBMW cars are like paintings! Never alter the artist’s work!

  10. Scott says:

    I dunno about this… it’s not bad but for some reason the revised front end doesn’t seem to flow all that well with the rest of the car. Maybe once the camouflage is removed it will look a bit more cohesive.

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