BMWBLOG’s “The Driveway” features today a double-trouble. Arguably some of the best BMWs ever built, the E46 3 Series and the E46 M3 have already gone down in history as some of the most coveted and fun to drive bimmers. The proportions of the two, the sheer power and spectacular handling are just some of the attributes that BMW owners rave about. But what if you actually get to own both of those cars? That’s a certainly a treat and an even more fun way to pick your daily driver.

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Name: David Rozo
Car (year/make/model): 2003 E46 325ci and 2003 E46 M3
Time of Ownership: 10 years 325ci and 4 years E46 M3
What made you buy it?: My dream car for over 10 years was the E46
Things you like: Everything, looks, dynamics, ride, 6 cylinder engine, beauty
Things you’d change: M3 SMG for a Manual
Modifications Done: None
Any Adventures?: Caravans, Speedway with the BMW Club in Colombia
Costs: $0
What’s Next (Next car, next adventure, etc.)?: F80 M3 due to family reasons

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