BMW Tool Kit: 1990 vs 2010

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Our friend Kamil over at CarGuyDad shows some BMW history and no, this time not related to the actual automobile, but rather to the Tool …

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Our friend Kamil over at CarGuyDad shows some BMW history and no, this time not related to the actual automobile, but rather to the Tool Kit that comes with it. We have seen BMW cars transforming and evolving over the course of twenty years, but many of us might have not realized that other things have changed as well.

So, let’s start with Kamil’s 1990 BMW 535i:

  • 3 spanner wrenches, all appropriate size for the car
  • Water pump pliers, BMW’s cooling systems are known for having issues
  • Wheel Pin, helps you align the wheel with lug-bolt holes
  • Spark plug wrench
  • Reversible screwdriver
  • Emergency window/sunroof wrench
  • Space for emergency triangle
  • Space for oil cloth
  • Space for something else that I forgot
  • Emergency jack
  • Wheel wrench
  • Hub-cap popper thingy
  • Wheel chock
  • Tow hook

As you can see above, plenty of tools, more than one would ever use…..or at least what I would have used.

19-20 years later and BMW design has evolved, some might say that was a good things, others may still be nostalgic and dream of those classy bimmers. But along with the design, the tool kit has actually shrunk.

Let’s take a look at the BMW 335d (great car btw) and its tool kit as explained by CarGuyDad:

  • Tow hook, for when your car craps out
  • A toll free number
  • A screwdriver, to stab yourself with when you realize that you’re out of cell phone range

The 335d runs on flat tires therefore it’s missing the jack and lug wrench. Obviously we have less tools available to us than we did twenty years ago, but what are the reasons behind it: less mechanical parts and more electronics? Costs? Owners less inclined to fix their own car or change the tire?

[Source: CarGuyDad ]

7 responses to “BMW Tool Kit: 1990 vs 2010”

  1. wazon says:

    You forgot to add to the list of current BMW “tools” the most important one:

  2. Parker Despain says:

    They have been getting rid of certain tools since they are not needed, and some others because of cost cutting.

  3. monolith says:

    What about the first aid kit? When I asked for it here in the states they were like why do you need that? So i punched him the face. His nose bled, “That’s why!”

    • wazon says:

      Why do need it in Europe since most of drivers don’t know how to come with first aid and most attemptes making situation only worse, especially when poeple are moving hurted people?

  4. Bradley Wint says:

    Hmm they never included the wheel pin in my 2002 5 series kit… always catch my arse to put on the wheels.

  5. Horatiu says:

    Kamil, thx for the article, great as usual… for everyone :)

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