What BMW Vehicles Are Compatible With The iPhone?

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In a recent article, I have posted some photos of a BMW iDrive system paired with the new Apple iPhone. It was the first article …

In a recent article, I have posted some photos of a BMW iDrive system paired with the new Apple iPhone. It was the first article showing the full functionality of the two that has been posted on the internet just a few hours after the iPhone launch.

My post has received a lot of feedback, including a link from engadget.com , but in the same time a lot of readers have emailed me with questions regarding the iPhone’s compatibility with other BMW models. In the official press release by BMW, it was stated that the iPhone will work with the following vehicles:

3 Series built March 2007 and later
5 Series built March 2007 and later
X5 built April 2007 and later
6 Series built September 2007 and later

I have decided to start tracking down other BMW vehicles that were not on the BMW list, but would still work with the iPhone. Let’s keep the list ordered, so I will start with the 3-series, followed by the 5-series, and so on and so forth:

iPhone compatible with:

3-series E46 model built 2005

User review:Paired my iphone with my 05 e46 330xi yesterday. Worked like a charm.”

3-series E90 built 2006 with and without iDrive

User review: “my iPhone is now working and I have successfully paired it with the bluetooth in my 2006 235i.

5-series built 2005

User review: The iphone works fully on my ’05 525i. Full address book transfer with just over 550 contacts and all other features work as well.

5-series built August 2006

User review: “I have the dealer installed iPod connector in the glove-box. The contacts all come up on the navi screen and are very descriptive. The iPod feature works great and I haven’t had any problems with either vehicle yet

6-series built September 2003

User review: “It works with my 9/03 production 645Ci Ipod connection too, so it looks like all years of 645 are fine.

6-series built 2006 with iDrive

User review:The Apple IPhone works great. It pairs perfectly. No more wrong numbers for received calls, no more phone resets, and the entire address book is now available in IDrive.”

7-series built 2006

User review:iPhone paired with my ’06 750LI without any problem. All functions performing normally as far as I can tell (steering wheel, dial pad, idrive)”

X3 built 2006 – No iDrive (almost full functionality, see review)

User review: “It has the ability to make/receive call, phone book automatically syncs to car, calling name display (using adddress book), but NO ability to dial by name (without verbal training of system) or ability to send/receive SMS. I can dial by name, but need to record the names first in the X3’s phone book. i don’t have nav, so there’s no way to view SMS messages.

Z4 built 2005

User review: The iphone works fully on my ’05 Z4. Full address book transfer with just over 550 contacts and all other features work as well.”

X5 built 2006

User review: I have the dealer installed iPod interface in my X5 and upon plugging it in to the connector, it states that this is not an approved accessory and do you want to put it in “airplane mode”. Just disregard the warning, do not respond, and the iPhone worked perfect. It loaded my phonebook (2500 entries) quickly.”

M3 built 2004 with and without navigation

User review: “I’m successfully using the iPhone with my 2004 M3 which has Nav and BMW Assist + Bluetooth. iPhone transfers the address book perfectly and appends (Work), (Home), (Mobile) to each address book entry. This now makes it easier to find the correct number using the NAV telephone address book sub menu option.I’ve also found that the audio gets routed always correctly to the car, and under the Nav telephone INFO setting, signal strength of the iPhone gets displayed correctly.”

So far, these are all the BMW models that I could find reviews on their functionality with the iPhone, but I will keep looking for more. If you have paired the iPhone with other BMWs than the ones on my list, please contact me and I will update my article. I think it will be great to have a comprehensive article that will help the BMW owners.

And a final thought: in my next article, I’m going to focus on all the known issues that we experienced in the pairing process or the functionality of the iPhone with the BMW vehicles, so stay tuned and sign-up for our RSS Feed to get the update automatically

20 responses to “What BMW Vehicles Are Compatible With The iPhone?”

  1. CameronB says:

    The list BMW has put together are models that can use the iPhone to play MUSIC! Your list has to do with the usage of the iPhone as a, well, phone. Since it is a bluetooth phone, (and made by Apple) yes, you would expect it to work as well or better than most other bluetooth phones.

    But this ignores the fact that only the list shown by BMW can actually use the iPhone as an iPod! :-)

  2. Irv Robinson says:

    Cameron, you’re right, but in the same time, there are some people that stated they were able to use the iPod function as well, even though their car wasn’t listed on the BMW page.

  3. MalibuBimmer says:

    Cameron, Cameron, Cameron. Cut the poor guy a break. Irv, thanks for the leg work and the informative post. Should you wish to read about the 6 series BMW, please join us on knightsoftheroundel.com .

  4. amy says:

    Works with 2004 X3 with iPod connection (aka iPod your Ride) purchased from BMW. Although there are limitations. Just music from the iPod and no Bluetooth technology for headsets on some models of the X3 built in 2004.

  5. daniel says:

    Amy, it seems like only the BMW models that have the 6FL option will give you the full iPod functionality.

  6. P. Majmudar says:


  7. P. Majmudar says:

    Iphone and 6FL option on 2008 E92
    I can pair the Iphone for phone functions
    I can’t use the 6FL cable when plugged into the USB and AUX jack
    to listen to music through the car
    I can plug the iphone into aux only and use the iphone to control the music
    I can use a regular video ipod perfectly connected via USB
    The USB option when I have the iphone is grayed out
    Any solutions?
    I am running the latest version of iphone 1.1.1

  8. marie l says:

    i have a 2005 (production date august 05) X5 and my Iphone bluetooth is not compatible. Are there any retrofit kits to pair Iphone with X5?

  9. John says:

    It took me lots of research to pair my new iPhone 3Gs to BMW X3 2008, but I finally made it! The iPhone would not pair and I tried and I tried. Then I read the bmwblog.com and did the following:
    After getting the car in to the blutooth mode, I turned off the Wi-Fi feature on the iPhone, turned on Bluetooth for device search, stepped out of the car and waited for loong time. Suddenly it asked for the pass key. I typed it in and Voila!
    Works like a dream.

  10. leanne says:

    can someone confirm if the iphone 3gs transfers over the address book to the 2008 3 series please. i know it will pair for calls etc but i am keen to know if the address book will transfer over

  11. TJ says:

    I just bought a 2005 645CI, it has a connector in the glove compartment that fits my Iphone G3 with the latest firmware, it does not charge, also it says the device is connected, but I don’t know if i’m able to play my music from the Iphone. Is there a configuration or something i need to do here or buy an Ipod to achieve this? Any ideas?

  12. Victoria says:

    Is anyone having problem with dead batteries due to using the bluetooth? I have a blackberry and it seems when bluetooth on I have had 3 dead batteries. I am looking to switch to iphone but don’t want the same problem since the bluetooth is now useless to me with blackberry.

    • Greg Carlson says:

      I have read that by it’s nature, bluetooth is a battery hog. Was advised to keep bluetooth off when not in use.

  13. Victoria says:

    I have 2006 X3

  14. Bpaulstewart44 says:

    will the iphone download the phone book into a 2006 bmw 750li

  15. jmccall says:

    Has anyone ever gotten a 2005 645ci to pair with a 4S iPhone?

  16. wukie says:

    Good to know. I just bought an HTC Incredible 4G LTE and it is NOT compatible with my 2011 BMW 328i. I’m going to trade it in for an iPhone.

  17. Nita says:

    Can someone give me instruction on how to activate my bluetooth with my iPhone in a 2006 BMW XI.

  18. chuc says:

    everything works except when a call comes in or making a call, they cant hear me no matter what, have to switch back to phone for them to hear me.

  19. Bettina says:

    I have a z4 2006 model. When I try to pair my iPhone 5 it will not find the BMW at all. Is there a trick I can use?

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