BMW 4 Series tuning

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BMW 428i Coupe sitting On Volk TE37 Wheels

Set just a few steps below the much famed BMW M4, the BMW 428i Coupe has all the ingredients for a successful high-performance sports coupe. The car is powered by a 2.0 Liter TwinPower Turbo…

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G-Power gives the BMW 435d 375hp horsepower

Diesels have been in our heart for as long as we remember. For years we’ve been advocating for more diesels on this side of the pond, especially in the six-cylinder combination. One of them is…

BMW 4 Series Coupe On PUR Wheels 3 750x500

Photoshoot: BMW 4 Series Coupe On PUR Wheels

The BMW F32 4 Series is the newest generation sports coupe coming from the Bavarian car maker, ensuring the continuity of historical lineage of great performance vehicles. With an aggressive design, a wide variety of…

Vorsteiner Flow Forged V-FF 103 for the BMW F32 435i

BMW 435i Showcasing PUR 4OURSP Wheels 1 750x500

BMW 435xi Showcasing PUR Wheels

Just a step below the BMW M4, the BMW 435xi provides all the thrills, sportiness and luxury most owners will need. Starting at $48,250, the 435i Coupe with xDrive is definitely a cost effective way…