Five Reasons Why Every BMW Driver Needs an Extended Warranty

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It’s a phrase you’ve heard a million times: better safe than sorry. A phrase routinely referenced in the automotive industry, because unlike most drivers, we …

It’s a phrase you’ve heard a million times: better safe than sorry. A phrase routinely referenced in the automotive industry, because unlike most drivers, we know just how often vehicles break down. And we’ll let you in on a little secret: it happens every hour of every day. But if you’re like us, you probably intend to drive your BMW until the wheels fall, which can be difficult to do once the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

We all know how great the original BMW factory warranty is and how valuable it can be for those first four years or 50,000-miles. But once that protection has run out, the cost of repairs can begin to wreak habit on your wallet and bank account. But alas, there is an option to extended the protection on your vehicle with a BMW extended warranty.

Five Reasons Why Every BMW Driver Needs an Extended Warranty

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Save Money: Most likely your bimmer has been in the shop at least once for you to know just how costly repairs can be, especially if they are done at your local BMW Dealership. Dealerships and repair shops can cost an arm and a leg to fix your car, but with an extended warranty for your BMW, coverage pays for parts, labor, and any applicable taxes. All you’re required to pay is a small deductible that you choose. In some cases, you can even purchase a protection plan that doesn’t require any financial outlay whatsoever.

Protect Your Investment: Think of an extended warranty as a “safety net” if anything should happen. With the majority of drivers still financing their vehicle, most of these drivers will admit to not having money put away for repairs if anything should go wrong with their vehicle. When something does go wrong and your car isn’t protected, you could be stuck between choosing to pay your car payment or your repair bills to get the car running again. Your warranty will not only safeguard your BMW, but it will also safeguard your wallet from paying for repairs.

Perks of Protection: Not having to worry about auto repairs isn’t the only thing drivers gain by protecting their BMW with an extended warranty. These protection plans include a plethora of added incentives such as: 24/7 Roadside Assistance- to provide you with necessary aid on the road, Complementary Towing Service- for when your car breaks down on the side of the road, Rental Car Reimbursement- for when your vehicle is in the shop, and much more. Buying these services separately would cost you about the same as your coverage plan, so it’s kind of like you’re protecting your vehicle for free.

Extend the Life of Your Vehicle: While we can’t speak for every driver, most car owners purchase a vehicle with the intent to drive it until the wheels fall off. And majority of drivers rarely keep up with recommended maintenance and most likely will only repair a broken component if it affects the driving ability of the car. But how many of you can say that actually take your car in every single time the slightest thing goes wrong? With warranty coverage, you would have a strong reason to keep up with repairs. By ensuring that these repairs will be paid for with a BMW extended warranty, you will by default extend the life of your vehicle.

Peace of Mind Behind the Wheel: If there is one benefit that outweighs free added perks and paid-for auto repairs, it’s the peace of mind that accompanies your BMW extended warranty. Every day that goes by, ever mile you drive, and every gallon you fill up with, you’ll know that when your vehicle eventually breaks down, it will be covered. Because when the time comes and that reliable auto starts to become unreliable, we know we would rather be safe than sorry.

We’re going to level with you, cars are expensive. They are expensive to buy and can become even more expensive to fix if things really begin to go wrong. Your BMW was made with thousands of parts that range from the tiniest screw to the twin-power engines under the hood. Needless to say, a lot of things could go wrong. With the average price of a new transmission for your BMW hovering over $3900, instead of paying that, wouldn’t you much rather protect your vehicle for less than a coffee at Starbucks a day? We know we would.

Whether your auto warranty has expired or is about to expire, there is still time to protect your vehicle.

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11 responses to “Five Reasons Why Every BMW Driver Needs an Extended Warranty”

  1. Mike N. says:

    Could have just said “an out of warranty BMW can be a financial nightmare”. Also, is this a “sponsored post” and if not why no discussion of the extended warranties offered by BMW itself?

  2. CDspeed says:

    Reason number 6: When your dealer can’t manage to fix an issue after 6 or 7 tries, you can go to another BMW dealer 😡

  3. Autopal says:

    What dealers don’t tell u, is that most times, they make more profit off the warranty than they make of the sale off the car. Pretty much all the products offered in the dealership finance office, is more advantageous to the dealer than the customer. If one is a disciplined driver, most times u are better off financially, if you say no to the extended warranty, keep your payments low, and save your money. Don’t even get me started on those paint and leather protection tricks!

  4. Ninong says:

    You’re buying “peace of mind.” However, like any form of insurance, the premium you pay for the coverage includes profit for the insurance carrier, profit for the dealership and commission for the employee who sold it to you. Oh, and it also includes a payment to the reserve for claims.

    For every customer who comes out ahead on something like this, there are another three or more who don’t. People who were thankful they had the coverage are more likely to post positive comments about it. But they all had “peace of mind.”

  5. theruraljurorurbanfervor says:

    I purchased a warranty from the dealer once and it was complete garbage, it didn’t pay for a damn thing and I could only use it at their location. It was a total nightmare.

    A buddy of mine has a policy with Endurance and he says he really likes them. Their website looks legit, will probably look into it more though.

  6. lekkousa says:

    An info-mercial masquerading as news!

    All cars, not just Bimmers, are expensive to repair nowadays. I have two, one with 210K the other with 144K and they are still cheaper than buying another new one. No I never buy extended warranties.
    Any warranty, other than a manufacturers warranty is a tremendous leap of faith! You give them their money upfront, they then have NO incentive to serve you. Just look at how many of these companies go in and out of existence.

    In my business I have had as clients people who have owned after market warranty co’s and they were the most ethically challenged people I have ever had the misfortune to deal with!

  7. dominic villa says:

    My own experience one key word to successfully
    completing a Warrantech
    is the capacity to keep a vehicle in running condition. In several cases a contract
    is helpful to borrowers on a tight budget avoid unforeseen expenses while
    keeping their credit repair plans on track.

  8. Rachel P. Nida says:

    If the an auto company is willing to sell you the BMW warranty for a certain price its a pretty good bet that the average cost of repairs for that vehicle is below that price otherwise they wouldn’t make any money.


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  10. markinPDX says:

    “wreak habit”? I think you meant “havoc”.

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