Exclusive Photos: BMW M8

BMW M8 124 750x500 Exclusive Photos: BMW M8

The M8-Prototype is perhaps the best-kept secret of BMW and for the first time, BMW has unveiled the on-off car in front of journalists at …

The M8-Prototype is perhaps the best-kept secret of BMW and for the first time, BMW has unveiled the on-off car in front of journalists at the BMW Museum in Munich. Despite several false reports in the past, the M8 prototype has not been destroyed by BMW and it still exists in a special facility in Munich.

While our complete and highly detailed story is in works, here are some quick details. The M8 was equipped with a V12 prototype engine based on the S70 engine, producing around 550 horsepower.

Compared to the 850CSi, the M8 prototype was also missing the headlights. The car features dual side vents at the rear wheel.

BMW M8 27 655x438 Exclusive Photos: BMW M8

The M8 prototype also sits on special wheels, but more on the nifty details in the very near future.

For now, please enjoy exclusively, the first live photos of the BMW M8 prototype, shortly followed by videos and a full photo gallery.

  • Giom

    This is the dream car from my youth. Back then, only a few photos were published, and I spend a lot of time dreaming of it.

    I read an interesting article in the BMW magazine about this car two or so months ago, and I can’t help but to wonder about the legacy it would have left BMW with. I think it would have elevated BMW to supercar stardom… but it was not to be.

    To me, this is the one that got away…

    • Jason

      agreed, although technically the 8 series was just renamed to the 6 series. To be honest, I loved my 850, but it was just so unreliable. I wouldn’t want to own one without my http://carassistants.com subscription

  • http://ebrake.blogpsot.com Andrew Murphy

    Nice work man! Glad to see that the prototype is in such good condition. A lot of people thought it was torn apart after testing.

  • viper

    shame…such a car never came to life…
    I dont understand bmw..I never did.

    • DP

      we never understood you either

      • viper

        oh like I give a s….-

  • sharkhunter635

    I knew it!!!! (Who didn’t, lol) The ///M8 lives! :D

    So much win in one car

  • Lariv

    BMW did a fantastic job hiding this gem of a car, it’s only right a car this amazing is displayed, shame it was never road legal.

    • Mark4wd

      I just drove past one on the highway today in Australia. Never seen one before. It looked great but older than the pics I see here.

  • http://www.themainstreetsalonmantua.com Shane Giumarello

    This could also foreshadow the prospects of BMW building a new M8?

    • Bryce

      I was thinking the same thing! I sure hope this is a sign of things to come!

  • bob

    These are NOT the first exclusive photos.

    BMW Car magazine did an EXCLUSIVE Cover Story for their February 2010 issue; See: http://www.bmwcarmagazine.com/pastissue.asp?issueID=26

    Wonderful insights from some of the actual people involved in the project. An All-Star list of BMW types, including:

    K-H Kalbfell
    K. Kapitza
    C. Luthe
    P. Rosche
    G. Richter
    W. Reitzle
    S. Vorwick
    H-P Weisbarth

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=588340695 Ted Spahr

    I wonder what else they’re hiding in this “special facility in Munich”. What I would give to have an unrestricted pass into that building… One can dream.

    • Doug

      They’re hiding an M1 Gran Turismo!

  • Philipp Rath

    They have a BMW M3 Compact E36, a BMW Z3 V12 and some other cars, that I don’t know about.

  • http://www.autovip.co.uk sell bmw

    great to see the prototype is alive and well, thanks