Yas Marina

F80 M3 Yas Marina Blue 10 750x500

F80 BMW M3 Yas Marina Blue Spotted on U.S. Roads

Spy photographer Palbay spotted a U.S. model F80 BMW M3 in the Yas Marina show color. The F80 M3 was still debadged and with the roundels blacked out and features a six-speed speed manual and…

2015 bmw m3 chicago auto show 19 750x500

2014 Chicago Auto Show: F80 BMW M3

The 2014 Chicago Auto Show opened its doors today to journalists from around the country. While BMW had no premieres for us in Chicago, they did bring out the two “M brothers”, F80 M3 and…

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Yas Marina Blue F80 M3 Spotted

In July, the BMW M Performance School in South Carolina will take in the first BMW M3 and M4 models which will be used for their weekly driving programs. To familiarize themselves with the new…