BMW M6 tuning

740 hp G Power BMW M6 0 750x500

740-hp G-Power BMW M6 reaches 324 km/h

In the horsepower war BMW M is lagging behind some of its competitors at the moment, but if that’s something you’d like to fix on your BMW, tuners like G-Power can help you out. The…

Alpine White BMW M6 Vorsteiner Aero And Flow Forged Wheels 1 750x500

BMW M6 With Vorsteiner Aero And Flow Forged Wheels

Getting that perfect combination of an exterior finish and aftermarket additions is almost always hard to achieve. With this Alpine White BMW M6, the owner managed to accomplish that. The work was completed by Trinity…

Alpine White BMW M6 On ADV1 Wheels 1 750x500

Alpine White BMW M6 On ADV.1 Wheels

This build features an Alpine White BMW M6 by Wheels Performance that comes with several high-quality aftermarket parts. Most notably, the addition of ADV.1 Wheels and Vorsteiner Aerodynamics Kit is the key in turning this…

This Hamann BMW M6 makes 730 horsepower

Noelle Motors BMW M6 Convertible 750x500

This BMW M6 Convertible makes 766 hp

Noelle Motors unveils a new tuning project based on the BMW M6 Convertible. The M6 Convertible is special from the get-go by using the BMW Individual Frozen Brilliant White paint, but with the additional power…

Hamann and Fostla bmw m6 coupe 6 750x500

Hamann and Fostla reveal a 650 hp BMW M6 Coupe

Hamann and Fostla reveal their joint project based on the BMW M6 Coupe. While Hamann provides all the visual and power upgrades, Fostla was in charge to wrap up the powerful coupe in a blue/black…