2013 BMW 320i

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What can $35,000 get you: BMW 320i ZSP+ZMT

US magazine Jalopnik says that $35,000 can buy the best sports sedan in North America. And that sports sedan is the new 2013 BMW 320i. Matt Hardigree of Jalopnik specced out a 320i with the…

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U.S Debut – BMW 320i

The 1 series is not the entry into the BMW brand in North America. Rather, it is a niche vehicle, not unlike the Z4, meant to bring in a segment of the enthusiast market that…

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BMW 320i Sedan to launch in the United States

With last year’s launch of the sixth-generation BMW 3 Series Sedan, the benchmark by which all sport sedans are measured was raised. Today, BMW opened the latest chapter in the 3 Series story as it…