BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

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BMW Vision Concept: A Closer Look At The Engines

Ever since BMW has officially unveiled their Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, many of you had several questions regarding the engines’ placement. At the Frankfurt Auto Show, next to the Vision Concept area, BMW displayed the platform…

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics – Fact Check

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept unveils as we speak and car fans are already raving about it. The new Vision Concept is was designed with the EfficientDynamics approach in mind, and while many expected to see…

BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Photo Gallery

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Meet the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept

For decades, BMW has made the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption a key part of its product development strategy, just as enhancements to the dynamic ability of each BMW have been a lasting, sustained…