As peculiar as it may seem for some people, especially those living in the US, where wagons are not exactly popular, some car makers have struggled over the years to offer very niche products for their die-hard fans. Cars like the Audi A6 Allroad shouldn’t really be a thing, considering the sales figures they had. However, the Allroad is a car that has a massive cult following and virtually no rival from BMW.

Even Mercedes-Benz has the E-Class All-Terrain, which is another lifted wagon. While the Mercedes’ sales might be a bit low, the Stuttgart brand keeps it around because E-Class wagon customers are extremely loyal customers, so keeping them happy is important. However, with the SUV and Crossover madness we’re all experiencing right now, these models are bound to remain niche products.

BMW has been rather quiet on this topic and understandably so. The Bavarians have pulled their wagon offerings from the US a while back, due to a lack of sales and don’t seem eager to change their minds anytime soon. Therefore, creating an ‘all-road’ model with mudguards and a higher center of gravity is definitely not on their ‘to-do’ list. That said, we can still dream about it, right? That’s what the guys from Kolesa did and this particular 5 Series Touring looks enticing.

I would definitely pick one of these over an SUV any day of the week, provided I’d need the extra ground clearance on a daily basis. It would be a great choice for people wanting great practicality without riding too high. Considering the times we live in, where automakers are starting to cut down their model ranges to keep only the essentials on offer, seeing such a car entering production doesn’t seem like a possibility right now but we can still talk about it and even dream of it, in hopes of a different future.