Just days after the reveal of the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, we see that the folks in Stuttgart are readying yet another model to take on BMW with but this time a much smaller one. Some new spy photos of the upcoming 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W206 generation) have surfaced, showing off a handsome looking sedan with an S-Class-like interior.

When it comes to the 3 Series vs C-Class battle that’s been taking place for decades, the two cars have always been quite different. Think of them as different flavors of ice cream; they’re both the same delicious frozen treats, just with their own unique taste. The 3 Series has always been the sportier of the two and the C-Class has always been the smoother, more comfortable one. Now, though, they’re more similar than ever before, as Mercedes has tightened up its C-Class over the years and BMW has softened the 3 Series.

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In terms of style, as much as I like the current G20 3 Series, the C-Class has it beat and it seems that the beating will continue with the next-generation car. In the spy photos that we see, the C-Class looks similar to the car we have on sale right now, which is still a very handsome thing (especially the Coupe, which is gorgeous), but updated to get a bit of the S-Class’ styling.

More importantly, the interior of the new C-Class has been spied a bit recently as well, showing off a cabin that looks very much like the S-Class’. Mercedes-Benz has always been good at this sort of top-down styling language for its interiors. It creates a stunning S-Class cabin and then trickles down some of it into its less-expensive E-Class and C-Class sedans. Whereas it seems that BMW sort of trickles up, starting with the 3 Series and making the 7 Series look similar.

Admittedly, both ways sort of cheapen the more expensive car, as why would anyone want their $100,000 luxury sedan to be similar to a $40,000 one that’s least for $329 per month by every suburbanite in the world? Still, Mercedes seems to be the best at this sort of thing.

New Mercedes Benz S Class W 223 5 830x467
New S-Class Cabin

We’re not saying that the next-gen C-Class will be better than the G20 3 Series, as this current-gen 3er is tough to beat in terms of driving dynamics. However, it’s likely going to look better and it’s certainly going to be more high-tech, thanks to its borrow cabin from the S-Class. So BMW should seriously watch out for this new C-Class, as it’s going to look mighty attractive to any customer that values style and tech over driving dynamics. So almost all of them.

[Source: CocheSpias Instagram]