The BMW 2 Series Coupe will go out of production next June so, in case you want to get one, you still have enough time on your hands. That’s also when the M2 will go out of production. In the meantime, BMW already started working on the next generation which comes with good news and some bad news. The good news is that it will retain the RWD layout. The bad news is that it may have a controversial design.

Recently, BMW said they’re looking into giving their cars a bit more personality. Basically, the Germans are trying to stop this ‘one design fits all’ philosophy that all major car makers are employing these days. We’ve seen drastic changes being done to their cars just because of that reason: from the significantly different design of the 4 Series to the huge grille on the 7 Series and the incredibly sexy 8er.

2022 bmw 2 series coupe rendering rear 830x467

The 2 Series Coupe is next and judging by the recent leaks, it will look drastically different from anything else in the range. Notice how I said ‘different’ not ‘better’. That’s because I’m not sure the new 2er will be good looking. If the leaks we saw the other week are anything to go by and if they are truly of the 2 Series Coupe, I doubt the new car will be as loved as the first generation was.

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As you can see in this rendering done by our friends at Kolesa, the front end is pretty messy. The headlights are small, the grille grew in size and it just doesn’t have the same appeal the old one did. It reminds me of the Fiat 124 Abarth Spider, to be honest.

The rear end follows the same recipe, not rising to our expectations. Then again, maybe what we saw in the leaks was just one of the versions BMW is mulling over. Let’s hope the end result will be a tad bit different.