The BMW X3 is doing rather well right now, even though it’s slowly becoming one of the oldest cars in the BMW range. The current model will get a facelift next year. Therefore, we’ll be seeing a slightly reworked face along with some technical changes popping up. At the moment, the X3 is selling in big numbers for a variety of reasons. From the pricing to the styling, the X3 feels like a traditional Bimmer.

Hopefully, the life-cycle impulse that it will get won’t ruin that. The BMW X3 has a distinctive design in the range today, one that follows the BMW rule book to the letter. So what could the facelift bring? Well, there’s no official info coming out of Bavaria right now but, according to our sources, the Germans want to differentiate it from the X5 so it won’t be getting huge nostrils. As a matter of fact, the kidney grilles will grow but not by much.

updated 2022 bmw x3 imagined looks like a slightly smaller x5 1 830x467

The headlights will be slightly reshaped and the front bumper will get a bit more aggressive. That’s why this rendering from Kolesa is pretty much spot on. There will also be a few new sets of wheels included in the mix, alongside new exterior and interior options. The infotainment on the X3 and X4 models was upgraded to the latest iDrive version last year, so there won’t be any changes there.

Round the back the same subtle changes will be done, with the taillights getting a slightly different shape, with LED lighting inside while the rear bumper might adopt a more aggressive take too. The new X3 will come out next year and go on sale in 2022.

It’s expected to come with some new technology on board, especially when it come to autonomous driving and assistance. As for the underpinnings and engines, don’t expect big changes.