The BMW 507. What hasn’t been said about it already? It’s probably one of the most beautiful cars ever made. At the same time, it was so revolutionary back in the day that it nearly bankrupt BMW. It was a bet against all odds and even though it was meant to be a proper rival for the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, its high price tag made it a flop back in the day. A flop that would lead to less than 250 cars being made, turning them all, over time, into proper collector’s items.

If you were to own and drive one today, you’d probably be disappointed though. That’s something a lot of people don’t really understand about old cars: they’re raw. We’ve grown so used to modern-day amenities that whenever you get behind the wheel of a car from the ’60s or even ’70s, you can’t but feel a bit overwhelmed by the hard work you need to do and by how little comfort they offer. But what if someone made a modern-day version of the 507?

What we have here is a rendering – even though it seems like the real deal – made by Abimelec Design. It’s a new interpretation of the classic 507, one bound to bring it in the 21st century. The exterior design remains largely the same, with the notable exception of the wheels. Other than that though, everything’s the same as seen on the 507 Roadster when it first came out. There is a big difference though under the hood, where an S62 engine was imagined to live.

The S62 was not chosen at random. It’s one of the best V8 engines to come out of the M division garage and I think it’s a perfect fit. It’s also a parallel between the 507 and the BMW Z8, the latter being a tribute to the former and using the S62 engine.

Other changes to the car include the slightly flared fenders at the back, a raked, shorter windshield and the bumpers were pulled closer to the car. It may seem sacrilegious to some, but I would be very interested to see this thing come to life.

Unfortunately, considering how much a 507 costs these days, we’re not going to see such a contraption anytime soon, as that would drop the car’s value, considerably.