The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe will live on and will have a completely electric version as well under the BMW i4 nameplate. The biggest issue with this new car will definitely be its design, if we’re to judge by the way the fans of the brand welcomed the new 4 Series into the world. As expected, the Gran Coupe 4 Series will look roughly like its 2-door brother but with an extra set of doors and a longer overall construction.

Up front the same huge kidney grilles will be used. BMW said this design won’t be used on all cars moving forward but it’s safe to say that the 4 Series range will have the same front fascia regardless of the model. Therefore, the rendering done by our friends at Kolesa is pretty much spot on. This version of the 4 Series Gran Coupe wears the M Sport package but others will also be available once the car comes out.

2021 bmw 4 series gran coupe rendering2 830x467

You’ll also notice the four doors and elongated wheelbase, to accommodate people in the back easier. The rear end also won’t suffer any big changes and. And in my opinion, I think it looks good. The doors will have frameless windows while the boot might get a tailgate. That all remains to be seen.

And while the 4 Series Gran Coupe won’t hold a lot of secrets, the bigger question is how the BMW i4 will shape up. According to the leaks and bits of info we got so far, there’s a rather big chance that the grille design on the electric model will be a bit different.

It will be completely blocked out, just like we’ve seen on the concept and there will also be a couple of other distinguishing features on the i4, including a different interior design. It’s all just speculation at the moment and we’re going with the info we have but it’s fair to say that the i4 will be a stunning car.