The BMW F90 M5 will get a facelift on June 17. Design wise, the facelifted M5 will sit in line with the currently refreshed 5 Series range. We already knew that M5 LCI was coming and so did various pixel manipulators out there. Therefore, today, we’ve seeing a rendering of what future M5 with the design cues from the new 5 Series. The folks at Kolesa are responsible for this new rendering.

Their take on the new M5 looks like is pretty accurate even though some details might be a bit off. The new M5 LCI will get the 5 Series’ bigger grilles with their boxier shape, and the new headlights. The kidneys will also have a double-slat design and feature the M5 logo on the top right corner.

2021 bmw m5 lci rendering 830x467

As for the bumper, the air intakes to the sides might grow in size, but they are definitely not going to be this big. As a matter of fact, the teaser BMW M CEO Markus Flasch published on social media a while back showed a different design for the intakes, one that’s a bit more subdued and understated. Round the back, the rear bumper will remain roughly the same, while the taillights will look different.

On the performance side of things, the specs will remain the same. The power developed by the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood will be the same on both the normal M5 and the Competition model. The BMW M5 CS is expected to arrive later this year with a bit more oomph. The most important technical changes will be the new suspension, as we pointed it out yesterday in the review of a pre-production M5. The unveiling of the refreshed M5 will take place on June 17 and as always, we will have lots of news to share with you.