Really, when it comes to discussing the BMW 4 Series, it all starts with its design. To say that its design is polarizing would be a gross understatement. There seem to be huge portions of the BMW fanbase that genuinely can’t stand this new design, as we’ve seen such outrage in our comments section, social media pages and forums. However, we tend to reserve final judgement until after we’ve seen the car in the flesh and been able to get up close and personal with it.

Prior to now, the only other photos we’ve seen of the BMW 4 Series have been the manufacturer photos BMW put out along with its press release. This is the first we’ve seen of non-camouflaged production 4 Series cars out in public and they look, well, different from the press photos.

Obviously, this isn’t the same as seeing the car in person and it’s actually probably worse than seeing it in manufacturer photos, as the angles of the photos are poor and the lighting is terrible. So there’s really no way to see how light affects the body lines or how it looks compared to its surroundings.

Image from iOS

What’s interesting is that the cars in these photos also seem to standard 4 Series models with M Sport packages. Previously, we’d only seen the BMW M440i with M Sport styling but these don’t seem to be M440is. Instead, they look like standard 4ers; be it 430is or 420ds; with M Sport packages. You can tell these are M Sport equipped, judging by the larger front air intakes, bespeckled kidney grilles and smiley lower front bumper. However, some key M Performance elements are missing; such as the Cerium Grey trim on the front end and the Cerium Grey mirror caps. Those two things are always present on M Performance cars, such as the M440i, but aren’t here.

We also get to see three different color options; black, white and blue. The new 4 Series looks best in blue, of these three colors, as it seems to show off the lines and shadows of the design best.

It’s going to be a while before we see the new BMW 4 Series in person. When we do, we’ll be able to really tell just how good or odd looking it is.

[Source: Instagram@jasonbrody232014]