The new BMW 4 Series has been unveiled yesterday and the Internet went on fire. There are two distinct camps, as you’d expect. Every single new model, be it from BMW or any other car maker, has to go through this process where, initially, some of the car people out there will dismiss it entirely at first.

Nothing new under the sun but in this case, it looks like the two opposing teams are more vocal than ever.

But for now, it also looks like the number of those “outraged” by the new design is larger than before. I still remember when the first generation came out and how it was received. Some said it’s just a stretched out 3 Series and that it lacks character to set itself apart as a completely new model.

If you recall, the previous generation 4 Series was also the first one to wear that nameplate, replacing the 3 Series Coupe. Now, we’re seeing similar complaints, starting with the front end.

No matter where you stand, we need to acknowledge that the new 4 Series will play an important role for BMW. That’s because it will serve as the basis for one of their most popular M cars, the BMW M4.

The car is in its final development stages and we’ve already seen it out testing on the Nurburgring plenty of times. As for how it will look, we caught a glimpse of its front end a while back, thanks to a leak, and we can confirm it will adopt the huge nostrils of the 4 Series.

M Performance Parts for the 2021 BMW 4 Series available at market launch

The rendering at hand here, done by our friend over at X-Tomi Design, tries to figure out what BMW has in store for us. Compared to what’s illustrated here, the end product will have a couple of different features.

For one thing, the side gills are missing from this rendering as are the special M side mirror covers. The front end will also have different air intakes and a different layout for the kidney grilles, leaving the mesh of the M Performance model behind and adopting a different take.

We’ll see what the real deal looks like towards the end of the year.