It’s unfortunate that renowned German tuner Hartge closed shop. The BMW tuner developed some pretty amazing cars over the years and earned the right to be listed among the greats out there. Unfortunately, the company is no longer in business, but we can still admire some of their older creations.

Today I stumbled upon a very rare Hartge H28, a proper alternative to the iconic BMW E30 M3 back in the 1980s. And a mint one as well.

The car is listed on eBay and is asking for $39,500 which is definitely not a lot considering the prices asked for just about any E30 model these days. I won’t even mention the M3 here right now. By now you’re probably wondering what makes this car special and why is it called H28.

Well, that name comes from the displacement of the engine. Under the hood of the Hartge H28 hides a 2.8-liter M30 straight six engine with some add-ons.

E30 M3 photoshoot 02 830x554

The Hartge unit has a special exhaust manifold, new crank and pistons and develops 210 HP and 270 Nm of torque in total. That’s not all though. The car also comes with a limited slip differential, special gauges, a new exhaust, strut brace, antiroll bars and cam cover.

The paint is claimed to be original and judging by the photos in the ad – we don’t own them – it seems in pretty good shape for its age.

Unique Hartge F1 to go under the hammer this summer, in Essen

The car itself is a 1986 model and has 29,000 miles on the clock. It was shipped over to Japan and then sent to Philadelphia, where it is currently located.

All in all, the car looks really good and it is, without a doubt, very rare. Hartge only made a handful of them back in the day and owning one will definitely be a privilege.