The BMW Isetta has, for some reason, a rather large following behind it. It’s one of the most famous BMWs of all time and I can understand why. It does have a peculiar shape compared to just about any car out there, let alone Bavarian models. It was also a very important model for our favorite car maker, being the cheap option that customers bought during some troubling times for the brand, saving it from going under.

You probably already know the story behind the one-door car that was also known as the ‘love bubble’ so I won’t go over it again.

However, this is such a beloved model that every once in a while someone decides to give it a modern rendering, one that would bring it in the 21st century.

Today we’re looking at the BMW i1 Isetta concept drawn by Giorgi Tedoradze. His take is rather accurate, as it considers the modern design cues of current BMW models.

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There’s a rather large set of kidneys up front that take up after the BMW 4 Series Concept, along with some seriously big wheels on the sides and some aggressive creases on the sides. The corona lights in the headlamps are also following the latest designs in Munich and it all feels Bavarian for some reason. And, I absolutely love it!

If BMW ever wanted to make a simple, 2-seat city car just like Smart has been doing for some time now, this is definitely the way to go.

It would be a perfect go-around electric car. It could borrow the compact battery pack from the MINI Cooper SE, the same motor and get you going with a lot of punch for a super-compact model.

This car could be a hit if the Munich higher-ups would decide to give it a chance. In the meantime, we’re just left with our imagination, picturing how this could look like in life-size packaging.