The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer will get a new generation. The car proved quite popular in Europe and BMW is already testing the successor, as we’ve seen. A lot of technical changes will be done to the new model compared to its predecessor, understandably so since the new MPV will have to be in production until towards the end of the decade. Some drastic changes will also happen on the outside, the design of the new model having to fall in place within the BMW general design language.

The rendering below takes a stab at how the end result might look like and I have to say I quite like it. The front end shares a lot with the current 2 Series Gran Coupe model. The headlights and the air intakes are taken straight from the newly revealed model as are the kidney grilles. They seem to have come from the M235i model and that’s fine. The grilles also grew in size, to keep up with the taller 2 Series Active Tourer’s body.

2021 bmw 2 series active tourer render 2 830x467

The side profile looks the same and that’s probably how the new version will turn out. There’s little you can do in this regard on a car that’s meant to be used primarily as a people carrier. Round the back you’ll notice some BMW X5 influences. The taillights are taken straight from the current X5 model, as are the exhaust tailpipes. There are even what I assume are fake vents to the sides, like you would see on the BMW X5 M, for example. It’s quite a good-looking rendering.

As for the car itself, it will still cater to those looking for practicality mixed with a BMW badge. The platform underneath it all will still be FWD and cars will also be available with xDrive. The engine line-up will drop the 1.5-liter 3-cylinder diesel choices and stick with the petrol ones as well as 2-liter alternatives. Plug-in hybrids will be offered and an electric model could also pop up in the future thanks to the FAAR platform this car will be using.

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