Earlier this week, the people from 11 Ravens revealed their latest creation: a gold pool table. That wasn’t exactly surprising as the company specializes in making luxury game tables but there were a couple of interesting details about it that raised some brows. The obvious one was the price tag. At $250,000, this is hardly cheap. Then again, outrageous price tags have been seen before so it wasn’t a big issue either but something else made the prospect of owning one of these even more complicated.

You see, the only way to buy this pool table is through an app called Whispers. It was developed by Rolls-Royce and it caters solely to the needs of Rolls-Royce owners. The app offers highly-curated content and the possibility to connect with other Rolls-Royce owners and even members of the board of management over in Goodwood. The app basically gets you into the most exclusive club on the planet but, you do have to be a Rolls-Royce owner to be given access to it.

this pool table is made of gold and can be yours only if you own a rolls royce 4

Therefore, in order to get this pool table, not only should you be willing to spend a quarter of a million dollars on it but you also have to have a Rolls-Royce in the garage and the Whispers app. That said, the bill for this table is getting pretty steep. If you ask 11 Ravens, they’ll tell you it’s well worth it, as they describe their latest creation as ‘the luxury car of gaming tables’. Quite the comparison.

There are some nice features embedded in the pool table though. It can convert into a ping pong table if you wish or it can turn into a dining table. That is if you want to eat where you play… The table does have an interesting design though, inspired by stealth fighters and has 14-carat gold sheets on it as well as black lucite panels. Only five of them will be made and I would love to know who bought one and whether he or she finds it worth the money.