Some would say that Rolls-Royce is already making supercars. I mean, the term implies two things that are made available to Rolls-Royce customers, no matter what they buy: a car that is super. However, Rolls-Royce models are known to abide to a certain set of rules, a set that was apparently thrown out the window once the Cullinan SUV was announced. Therefore, if the Brits could make an SUV, why not a supercar as well?

The design at hand here was done by Rain Prisk, one of our favorite pixel manipulators. You’ve seen his work many times before and if you played the most recent Need For Speed title, you’ve also experienced a different side of his talent. This rendering was done just for fun as Rolls-Royce never even mentioned a future supercar. But hey, if someone doesn’t imagine it, maybe they don’t know it could really work, right?

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Even though the artist himself says this is a rather pointless exercise of imagination, I don’t necessarily agree. We need to dream big in order to get things done and this definitely falls into that category. The front end looks good enough and has enough styling cues borrowed from the Wraith to pass as the real deal. It definitely has a Rolls-Royce feel about it. The roof profile and side reminds us of the same car, and I could easily imagine a twin-turbo V12 sitting in middle.

Since Rolls-Royce is going electric in the future, this supecar could also be a proper rival for the likes of the Rimac One. I actually see some of that car here. An electric powertrain would definitely make the prospect of this car becoming reality a lot more doable, but then again, considering how bad things are going in the automotive industry, nobody knows what the future holds.