The original BMW 3 Series Compact never received a ton of love from fans of the brand. The two generations of the smaller 3er never rose to the expectations BMW had of them and that was mainly because of the peculiar design these cars had. It’s understandable too, because they were based on some of the best looking 3 Series models ever made and the comparison would not do them justice.

Other than that, having driven a couple myself, I can tell you the Compact models were great driving cars. They did cut into the practicality factor but they were pretty good on the roads though. So what was the purpose of the 3 Series Compact? Well, it was an initial effort from BMW to diversify its offerings and attract new customers. The 3 Series Compact was supposed to be a cheaper, entry-level models into the BMW world.

bmw 3 series compact rendering2 830x467

Today, that cheap entry-level car is the 1 Series and that was the purpose of the 1er ever since it was initially released: to allow more people access to the BMW badge. At first, the 1 Series was enjoying the same RWD layout as most BMWs back in the day but now, reaching its third generation, the 1 Series switched to a FWD layout which disappointed a lot of people. Could BMW offer a better deal with a revival of the 3 Series Compact? And how would that model look like?

Well, the people from have put together a rendering of how a modern-day G20 3 Series Compact would look like and I have to admit I don’t mind it at all. I like the way it looks a whole lot more than the 1 Series and if it would retain the RWD layout it would probably have good sales numbers. The main problem is, that spot is occupied by the 2 Series Coupe and that’s not going to change anytime soon as people love the 2er. It’s a nice trip down memory lane though.