We’ve been seeing a lot of collectable BMWs lately, including the 329 Cabriolet we showed you yesterday. Older BMWs in good shape are usually reserved for collectors but the one we’re showing you today was not meant to be stored in a garage. This is a 1976 BMW E3 3.3Li which was essentially the precursor to the 7 Series.

It was also really comfy for the 1970s and you can tell that just by looking at the interior of this car. Doesn’t all that white leather just look soft as pillows? From the look of those seats, it should feel like you’re floating on clouds, which is refreshing as I’m getting tired of the hard seats new sports cars have on them these days. The best part about this car though is that it was properly enjoyed over time and it shows it.

If you’re interested in buying it, you’re in luck as this 3.3 Li BMW E3 will go on auction at RM Sotheby’s Essen event this summer. According to the ad, this car was initially owned by a brewery from Ingolstadt which apparently didn’t like its own local brand (Audi). Some 15 years ago it was restored and you can tell, as some changes were done to it. It received a new set of wheels, a new steering wheel from Alpina and a new gearshift knob.

There is one weird fact about it mentioned in the description though, which says an automatic gearbox was installed but the pictures clearly show a manual gearshift knob inside.

I guess you’ll have to go to Essen and find out which is which in reality. One thing’s for sure though: with all these changes done to it (including the Alcantara roof lining) this thing is meant to be enjoyed, not turned into a garage queen.

[Photos: RM Sotheby’s]