The partnership between BMW and the Mission: Impossible franchise will continue for the seventh installment. Tom Cruise, the man who, over the years, became eponymous with the title of the movie franchise, was spotted recently riding a BMW GS bike on the set. In typical Cruise fashion, he was doing his own stunt and was aided by some roll bars attached to the bike. Still looking good though, as the main character of an action movie should.

According to reports from the UK, the crew and stars of the movie are still working on it despite the Coronavirus keeping everyone inside these days. Right now, the production team is using various locations on the island for their shoots, from Buckinhamshire’s Pinewood Studios to other locations, including outside, where an action scene was shot featuring bikes and cars and, of course, Tom Cruise.

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Other shots show the actor driving a BMW M5 with no doors and a lot of kit on the roof, probably having something to do with the action in the movie. Fans of the series got to see the new M5 star in the last Mission: Impossible movie, Fallout, where it was remotely driven. This time round, it seems like the car will be involved in some high-speed chases, possibly including some shots with the aforementioned GS bike.

As it turns out, the location used for these outdoor shoots is none other than Top Gear’s own track in Surrey. This wouldn’t be the first time that track was used for action movies, the location being known for its perfect setup for various car-chase scenes as well as its potential of hosting shots featuring aircraft.

I, for one, am very curious to see what Tom Cruise has planned for the next movie, which is set to arrive in cinemas next year.